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The project started in February 2022 with the purpose of helping the Ukrainian army to defend itself in its war against Russia. I created We Ukraine in 2 days and started selling t-shirts locally in order to raise money as quickly as possible. 

About 3 months later, we are now a known and trustful international brand. Now anyone in the world can order a mug, a t-shirt a nice blanket, or a phone case with a Ukrainian design to their home and donate to Ukraine

So far we have helped to buy helmets, bulletproof vests, heating stations, shoes, clothes, food, and humanitarian supplies. We have teamed up with several funds and transferred close to 10,000 USD to Kyiv Food Help, Cvit Foundation, Zgraya Foundation, Palyanytsya Fund and helped fundraise money for Israeli Friends of Ukraine.  
We want to thank all the designers that donate their art to us. Among them: 
Dmytro Sherbyna, Oleksandr Grehov, Iryna Prokopchuk, Agnieszka Srokosz, Olga Shvets, Vasyl Boyarchuk, Anastasiya Valyavska, Nastya Lovyannikova, Katalina Maievska, Katya Yacushek, Olga Korol, Anna Osipinska, Katerina Prusenko, Evgenij Berd, Hanna Nayson, Tetyana Rusanovska, Marisolview and others.🇺🇦❤️

Slava Ukraini! Geroyam Slava!





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