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Here you can read about who we support. 



My name is Dima Grama and I am Ukrainian. My family is in Ukraine (they're ok so far) and I am beyond devastated about this war. Here you will see all the funds/people/communities that I support with your contributions. Those are people I know that organize food, medicine, transportation, mental help and many more. I do not want to support big national funds, because they are well supported and it takes time for money to arrive in the small regions. Thank you again for your contribution - 100% of the net proceeds are going to Ukraine!

Total donation in 2022: nearly $10,000 USD or 360,000 UAH

February 2022 - 1380 USD - Donated to Kyiv Food Help (@kyivfoodhelp), You Are Not Alone Fund (@shabanov.rock_n_roll), Cvit Foundation (@cvit__ukraine), Mofy Life (Medical Institutions and Civilians in Mariupol)

March 2022 - 3330 USD - Donated to Vasyl Grorol Fund (@vasilygrogol), Petro Tarnovsky (@petrotarnovsky), Cvit Foundation (cvit__ukraine), Palyanytsya Foundation (, Zgraya Foundation (, Kyiv Food Help (@kyivfoodhelp). 

April 2022 - 930 USD - Donated to Dnipro region to buy humanitarian supplies - managed by @marta_haidak, Zgraya Foundation. 

May-August 2022 - 1000 USD (Due to decreased sales) donated to small funds including Prytula Foundation, Cvit Foundation, Zgraya Foundation.

August - October 2022 - donated 1200 USD (including Dima Grama's personal donation) to Cvit Foundation, Prytula Foundation and other small funds. Donated through Monobank. 

November - December 2022 - donated 440 USD - Cvit Foundation (@cvit__ukraine), Valeriy Pyrohovskyi Foundation (bf_pyrohovskoho) 

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January 2023 (24 orders) - Profit: 420 USD + 200 USD personal donation = 620 USD (22,800 UAH)Money sent to: @cvit__ukraine - For Motorolla radios - 13,455 UAH and @bf_pyrohovskoho - 10,000 UAH

February 2023 (28 orders) - Profit:  700 USD (26000 UAH)Money sent to: @cvit__ukraine - for 2 thermal imagers - 15,000 UAH and Mykhailo Murashkin (Bakhmut region) - 11,000 UAH

March 2023 (29 orders) - Profit:  400 USD (14785 UAH)Money sent to: contribution to Andriy Chernomor (volunteer from Dnipro region) for DJI Mavic 3E drone, thermal imager and a tablet. 

April 2023 - Profit:  720 USD (27360 UAH)Money sent to: @cvit__ukraine - for Mavic Drones - 15,000 UAH and United 24 Fund - 12,360 UAH

May 2023 - Profit:  625 USD (23175 UAH)Money sent to: Rescue NOW - help people affected by dam destruction in the Kherson region. @cvit_ukraine - for car repairs. 

June 2023 + July 2023 - will be updated by 10.08

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